Welcome to the Temple of Thought (ToT for short). The purpose of this web place is to be a rendezvous for different people with different opinions on wider spectrum of topics that may be of interest to anyone else. Here the participants do actually take the initiative to create informative and constructive topic discussions that are also argument-based to at least some extent.

ToT is designed in order to provide a pleasant and user-friendly opportunity to exchange experience, give enlightenment and receive enlightenment in return. So what may be discussed here? Well, you can talk about anything that is worth talking according to you although it should also matter to others as well or at least provoke our thoughts in some intelligent and/or spiritual manner. After all this is a Temple of Intellect.

Basically ToT consists of five sections. The ABOUT sections (where you are now) is the general information about the site. It may also show some important messages from the administrators and managers of the site if necessary.

You may think of the ASSEMBLY section as a free-topic forum section, where participants may publish a start of a topic or add an opinion to an existing one.

MEDIA is intended to host information from different sources like TV and radio broadcasting services, magazines, newspapers, also movies and music, etc. that seem to be of special importance or are thought provoking in some way. There are really no criteria here really, just the relevance to site’s objectives in general.

The LIBRARY is the place where you can share experience about Books you have read and explain what you think might be interesting about them, the author or the topic covered. Broader discussions on book titles are welcome here.

Finally we have the NEXUS section where different Internet sources may be listed with a brief description about the content of a site, page, article, etc. on the Web.

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